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Talent and "Know-How"

EXTRACTA was founded in 1998 by visionary scientists and investors interested in the adventure of using advanced technologies to search Brazilian Biodiversity.

In 2004 we became the first Brazilian private company to obtain a Special Authorization from the Ministry of Environment to access, classify and analyze the variety of our chemical plant biodiversity under the Convention on Biological Diversity and Brazilian Law.

Our MISSION is to add value to Brazilian genetic resources through “ex situ” bioprospection in our Bank of Chemical Biodiversity in order to discover, develop and license to Industry innovative products and processes. Our initial emphasis was on Human Health (see Pipeline). We are now diversifying our studies to encompass applications in Agriculture and the Environment.

Our strength results from a team of dedicated individuals whose diversity of knowledge and skills warrant the environment for creativity and innovation, a key factor in the growth of the company.

Equipe Extracta

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Collection, Bioprospection and Sustainability

Muda de Planta
Our forests hold over 20% of the plant biodiversity on earth. Many Brazilian plants have been used by traditional medicine, but only about 1500 were documented in terms of medical uses (Medicinal Plants of Brazil - WBMors et al, 2000, Algonac, MI, USA). We respect traditional knowledge but we chose to strike out in a different direction. We decided to establish a large collection of plant-derived chemical samples and to screen them for desired bioactivity against targets of interest to clients. Our 255 expeditions covered circa 10,000 sq.km of rainforest to collect fertile plant samples (in bloom, fruit or seed). We used biotechnology and analytical chemistry to discover species with potential use to cure diseases. The same technology is now applied to discover useful plants in several other industrial activities, such as Energy (new “green” fuels”) and Environmental Defense in processing fossil fuels, mining and other activities that impact the environment.

Bringing to market reality a new plant with therapeutic or other usages is an endeavor that begins by the recognition of rights of landowners. It also requires development of agroforestry technologies for agriculture in megadiverse environments. Sustainable provision of industrial quantities of the plant is absolutely essential. EXTRACTA and its partners are committed to guarantee supply while obeying the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD or Rio-92) and the Brazilian regulatory legislation of access to our genetic patrimony.