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BIO International Convention 2011

June 28-30, EXTRACTA participated as an exhibitor in the BIO International Convention 2011 - the largest event in biotechnology - this year held in Washington DC.

The BIO Exhibition featured more than 1,800 exhibitors and covered 180,000 square feet with 61 state and international pavilions. The Brazilian Pavillion occupied an area of 280m², located near a noble area and had the presence of several major national companies. During the three days we had the opportunity to promote EXTRACTA and attract the attention of several big pharma companies and professionals from different parts of the world. On the second day, Prof. Antonio Paes de Carvalho, EXTRACTA´s CEO gave a lecture about The presence of Bazil and EXTRACTA on the Biotech world scenario.
Besides the exhibition, EXTRACTA also participated at the BIO Business Forum and the One-on-One Partnering Meetings. It was a great opportunity to meet representatives of Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Roche and Sanofi and discuss the upcoming trends in politicies for biotechnology and innovation.


EXTRACTA and UFRJ discover plant species with antibiotic properties to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The research teams from EXTRACTA company and UFRJ Institute of Microbiology Prof. Paulo de Góes, trough research Project funded by FAPERJ, and by analyzing the EXTRACTA’s Bank of Chemical Biodiversity, have discovered plants extracts with significant antibiotic activity to multi-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the etiologic agent of Human tuberculosis. All the evaluated extracts are derived from representative biomes of Brazilian biodiversity, as Atlantic Forest and Amazonian Rainforest.

The next step of the study will consist in isolating the extracts biomarkers, which could lead, in future, to the development of new anti-tuberculosis drugs. However, preliminary results already show very promising data, since it was observed extracts with high activity and low toxicity to mammalian cells.

Through this study, it was also observed extracts with broad activity against rapid growth micobacteria, which have been mostly associated in recent years to hospital post-surgical infections. The species studied include M. abscessus, M. massiliense, M. fortuitum and M. smegmatis, which show multiresistance to the majority of antimicrobials commonly used in anti-micobacterial therapy, as well as broad resistance to hospital disinfectants and other methodologies used for disinfecting surgical instruments.

The results obtained from this research open perspectives for development of new alternative drugs to treatment of Tuberculosis, for which there is no therapeutic innovations since the 1970 decade, and therefore, are essential for the public health systems of regions considered endemic.


EXTRACTA determines molecular structure of the active component of its anti-MRSA Extract

EXTRACTA determines molecular structure of the active component of its anti-MRSA Extract 103764, exhibiting a MIC lower than other products in the market.


Extracta starts a Preclinical trials to topical anti-MRSA preparation

EXTRACTA characterizes the molecular marker of its anti-MRSA Extract and starts Preclinical trials a topical anti-MRSA preparation.


EXTRACTA identifies unknown species of Atlantic Rain Forest

EXTRACTA identifies unknown species of Atlantic Rain Forest endowed with intense anti-MRSA activity

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